Shire Launches Online Mapping

Published on Wednesday, 2 March 2022 at 3:29:47 PM

Council has introduced an online mapping system to its range of services. Intramaps!

Intramaps is a user friendly online information portal containing interactive maps. The service provides planning and zoning information, aerial imagery, topographical information and much more.

CEO Stuart Taylor said this technology is a great asset both for the Shire and for the community who can now explore a wide variety of mapping images, planning and zoning information from one easy to use platform. “The Intramaps platform provides the Shire with ready access to information that enables processes such as zoning, heritage site management, infrastructure planning and environmental management he said, and there are also a number of services within Intramaps of benefit to the community”.

The digital map consists of a number of layers showing detailed property information, topography, community facilities and even waste collection days.

To access the platform and learn more about the new service, visit the portal from this link:  Launch Intramaps

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