The Council has adopted a Policy Manual which provides the Council and Shire staff with guidelines over a range of topics.

Policies are not binding but provide a basis for determining individual applications or requests.

Policies also enable the community to be aware of the reasoning behind decisions.

The Shire of Wongan-Ballidu is currently reviewing the Policy Manual.

Current Policy Manual

Local Laws

The Local Government Act 1995 enables Western Australian local governments to make local laws considered necessary for the good government of their districts.

Local laws can only be made when authorised by the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act) or other written laws but cannot be inconsistent with any State or federal law.

Local government laws typically cover areas such as car parking, activities on thoroughfares, public places and council and committee meetings.

When a local law is made by a council, it is submitted to Parliament. If the Parliament determine that the local law is inappropriate, the Parliament can disallow the local law meaning it ceases to have effect.

Local Law - Dogs (19/04/2016)

Local Law - Cemeteries (21/10/2010)

Local Law - Health (21/10/2010)

Local Law - Parking & Parking Facilities (21/10/2010)

Local Law - Property (21/10/2010)

Local Law - Meeting Procedures 2010 (21/10/2010)

Local Law - Bush Fire Brigades (21/10/2010)

Local Law - Fencing (21/10/2010)


Regulations - Dog Act 1976 (21/10/2010)

Regulations - Cemeteries Act 1986 (21/10/2010)

Regulations - Cat Act 2011 (21/10/2010)

Regulations - Dog Regulations (21/10/2010)