Food Safety

Food Standards in Australia

Keeping food safe and free from contamination is critical to public health. Australia has legislation and regulations to make sure local and imported food is safe to eat.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand:

The Australian Government and state and territory governments enforce the standards, in line with their food legislation

The Department of Agriculture ensures that imported products meet our strict biosecurity laws and food standards.

FoodSafe – Online Food Handler Training

The Shire of Wongan-Ballidu encourages all organisations handling and producing food to follow the health and hygiene standards outlined in the Australian Food Safety Standards code.  Commercial businesses selling food have an obligation to comply with these standards however, it is appropriate for all organisations including community not-for-profit groups, charities and sporting clubs to adopt the same standards.  This ensures consistently high levels of food safety and hygiene for all.

In assisting both business and community groups to develop the appropriate knowledge and skills around food safety, the Shire has partnered with Food Safe to provide an interactive online training program.  Developed by Environmental Health Australia, the program offers a series of training videos and questions to test learning outcomes.  Applicants can complete the course at their own pace.  On successful completion, participants will receive a recognised Food Safety Certificate.

In acquiring this accreditation, you will also be streamlining the food safety assessment process for the Shire’s Environmental Health Officer, making the planning of community events much easier.  The standard course fee of $35.00 will be waived for Wongan-Ballidu residents using the discount voucher code FSWONGA360.

A preview of the online training can be viewed at:

To access the course and begin your training today visit:

Once you have registered, a link and login instructions will be sent to you via email.  On completion, a new link to access your certificate will be provided.  You will be able to either save the copy electronically or print it out. If you require any additional information or assistance in accessing the training, please contact the Manager of Regulatory Services at the Shire on 9671 2500.

Food Business Registration

Are you a food business operating within the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu? If so, you need to register with the Shire. This includes temporary food businesses such as a market stall, mobile food vans, home based food businesses and fundraisers. By law, a food business must not start operating without registering, otherwise enforcement action, including prosecution, can apply.

The following food businesses, charities and industry groups must register with or notify the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu:

Category Type of food business  Notification/Registration*
Retailers Cafe, restaurant, grocery stores, supermarkets and food retail outlets Registration
Food prepared in a residential home intended for sale Registration
Food manufacturer Registration
Mobile food van business (principal location where food business activities occur) Registration
Charities, community groups and volunteers selling goods Notification or registration
Vulnerable populations School canteen, childcare / day care and family day care facilities Registration
Private hospitals or aged care facilities Registration
Dairy Retail sales (limited distribution, small scale, shop front sales) Registration
Meat Abattoirs / boning rooms (Australia only - that do not export overseas) Registration
Pet meat Notification
Poultry Poultry processing Registration
Eggs Egg production, processing (that do not export) Registration
Seafood Seafood primary production and processing (except bivalve molluscs) Registration
Horticulture Seed sprout processing  Registration

Registration is not required if the food business is 'exempt' as prescribed in the Food Regulation 2009. However, notification is still required. Please refer to the exemption information on this page for more details. 

For a complete list of registration, notification and enforcement activity requirements for primary production and vulnerable population food businesses refer to the Local government and Department of Health food business responsibilities table (PDF 150KB).

Food Business Registration Application Form

Temporary Food Stall Application 

A temporary food premises is a structure set up for a specific or occasional event, or an ongoing calendar event. The food stalls are not required to meet the same requirements as a permanent food premises, however they are required to meet some basic food safety requirements. An application for a temporary food stall permit must be submitted and approved prior to the required date of use under the Food Act 2008 WA.

  • A temporary business (e.g. catering) that may only operate for a short period of time must still register with the local government where food is processed or stored and notify all other local governments where the business intends to operate.
  • Mobile food van businesses may operate across multiple local government jurisdictions must register with the local government where you garage the vehicle overnight. In addition, they must notify all other local governments where the mobile food business intends to operate.

For further enquiries regarding temporary food stall applications, please contact the Shire of 9671 2500 or