Swimming Pools and Spas

All private swimming pools and spas that contain water more than 300mm deep must have a barrier compliant with Australian Standard AS 1926.1 that restricts access by young children to the swimming and spa pool and its immediate surrounds. In Western Australia, the legislative framework that mandates the requirement to provide a barrier to a private swimming and spa pool comprises:

  • the Building Act 2011 (WA)
  • the Building Regulations 2012 (WA)

Private swimming or spa pool includes:

  • in-ground and above-ground pools (including inflatable and portable pools);
  • in-ground and above-ground spa pools (but not spa baths that are normally emptied after each use); and
  • Bathing or wading pools.

The legislation requires a compliant barrier to be installed around private swimming and spa pools that restricts access to the pool by young children. A building permit is required under the Act and the Regulations prior to installing, constructing or altering swimming and spa pool barriers, including windows, doors and gates that restrict access to a swimming or spa pool area. A building permit is also required for the construction of swimming and spa pools.

The Shire of Wongan-Ballidu is responsible for issuing building permits for swimming pools and spas and their associated barriers within the Shire. The approval process not only ensures that the building and barrier standards are satisfied, but that the structures are registered with the Local Government so that periodic inspections of the installed barrier can occur at least once every four years.

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Owners and occupiers are responsible for ensuring that any fence or barrier restricting access to a swimming or spa pool is maintained and operating effectively. If you do not comply with the Regulations you risk the lives of young children and may face substantial fines.

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Rules for Pools and Spas

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