Pest Control

The Shire of Wongan-Ballidu is committed to keeping pests to a minimum within our region, to protect our land and community. We can be contacted for advice on pest control and the safe use of pesticides, in particular in relation to rats, mice, flies and mosquitos.


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To report a bee hive or swarm in a public area please contact the following:

  • Shire of Wongan-Ballidu - 9671 2500 
  • Telstra Box – 13 22 03
  • Western power Box – 13 13 51 

Bee swarms are a relatively common occurrence in September, October and November in Western Australia but can be found at other times of the year too. Swarming is a response to lack of space in the hive and typically happens as spring nectar flows start and hive numbers need to expand.  A decision is made by the hive to take the Queen and her workers to a new, spacious home where they can maximise the nectar on offer.

When bees swarm they are most unlikely to sting, so despite their appearance, people should not fear them, just treat them with respect. When a cluster of bees is seen hanging on a tree branch or similar, they are NOT thinking of setting up home there! They are in transition, clustered around their Queen and waiting for the scout bees to find new accommodation.

For further information regarding pest control and pesticides visit the Department of Health's website.


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