Applying for a Building Permit

Building, Demolition and Occupancy Permits

The Shire of Wongan-Ballidu provides guidance on and issues the following permits within the Shire.

Building Permits

Generally, a building permit is required before any building work can be carried out. In most cases, a building permit application will be required if the proposal includes the construction, renovation, alteration, or improvement of a building.  Especially when the proposed building work may:

  • Adversely affect the structural soundness of the building or incidental structure.
  • Adversely affect the safety and health of the occupants or other users of the building.
  • Affect the way in which the building or incidental structure complies with each building standard.

Schedule 4 of the Building Regulation provides descriptions of building work for which building permits are not required. This typically includes the repair or maintenance of buildings and structures, but it is important to note that in these instances, the building owner has an obligation to ensure the exempted work complies with the applicable building standards.

If a building permit is required there are two different application types, an application for a Building Permit Certified (BA1) and a Building Permit Uncertified (BA2). The type of application will depend on the building’s classification.

Building Permit Certified (BA1)

A certified building permit application (BA1) must be used for commercial buildings (Class 2-9) and it is an optional application type for residential dwellings and incidental structures (Class 1 and 10). Once the application is lodged there is a legislated processing time of ten business days. 

A certified building permit application must be accompanied by a certificate of design compliance which is signed by a registered building surveyor. Engaging a qualified building surveyor is typically the first step in the building approval process and a list of registered building surveyors can be found on the building commission website.

Information Required to Submit an Application

  • Completed BA1 Application Form
  • Certificate of design compliance (BA3) and the technical documents listed in number 3 on page 2 of 4.
  • Site plans 
  • Home Indemnity Insurance Certificate (if applicable)
  • BCITF Levy Receipt (if applicable)
  • Paid the appropriate application fees

Guide to Lodging a Certified Building Application

Building Permit Uncertified (BA2)

An uncertified building permit application (BA2) is only for residential dwellings and incidental structures. Once the application is lodged there is a legislated processing time of twenty-five business days, but there is no need to engage the additional services of a building surveyor. 

As part of the uncertified building approval process, a Building Surveyor, employed by the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu, will conduct the technical assessment and issue the Certificate of Design Compliance and the building permit.

For commercial buildings a registered building surveyor needs to be engaged by the applicant to certify compliance to the building standards by issuing a certificate of design compliance. Therefore an uncertified building application cannot be made in these circumstances and a BA1 must be submitted.  

Information Required to Submit an Application

Guide to Lodging an Uncertified Building Application

Demolition Permit (BA5)

An application for a demolition permit can be made for an entire building or for an incidental structure and may apply to one or more stages of demolition rather than for the entire building. The permit authority will issue the permit within 10 business days. If an application is accepted as lodged and additional information is required, a 21 day period is given for the applicant to provide requested information. 

Legislative Requirements

All Demolition Application assessments, approvals and issuance of Certificates will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, the Building Act 2011, Building Regulations 2012 and Council Local Laws, unless the Shire agrees in writing to vary those conditions. It is to be noted that demolition of a project shall not commence until such time as the relevant Demolition Permit has been issued by the Shire and all service providers have been notified and relevant services disconnected or sealed.

Information Required to Submit an Application

Guide to Lodging a Demolition Permit Application

Notice of Completion (BA7)

The responsible person (builder or demolition contractor named on a permit) must issue a Notice of Completion. This establishes the end date of the permit for compliance and record keeping purposes. The person named as builder or demolition contractor remains liable for the building or demolition complying with the Building Act until a Notice of Cessation or a Notice of Completion is issued.

All works that require a building permit are required to submit a Notice of Completion. The Notice of Completion must be given to the relevant permit authority within seven days of completion of the work, or the stage of work, for which the permit was granted.

Information Required to Submit

Occupancy Permit (BA9)

For all buildings except single dwellings and sheds, pools etc (Class 1 and 10), the Building Act 2011 makes it an offence to occupy the building without an appropriate occupancy permit. An occupancy permit is required in the following situations:

  • To occupy a completed building
  • To approve an additional temporary use of a building
  • To temporarily occupy an uncompleted building
  • To approve a permanent change of a building's use or classification
  • To approve retrospectively unauthorised work
  • For registration of a strata scheme or plan of re-subdivision. 
  • To bring an existing building into the Building Act framework

Information Required to Submit an Application

  • Completed BA9 Application Form
  • Certificate of Construction Compliance (CCC)(BA17) and the technical documents listed in number 3 on page 1 of 3 or Certificate of Building Compliance (BCB)(BA18).
  • Paid the appropriate fees

Guide to Lodging an Occupancy Permit Application

How to Lodge an Application

To lodge a building application, email your application and all of the supporting documents to

Alternatively, you can lodge an application in person at the Shire Administration office.

To help ensure that a detailed assessment is made in a timely manner, applicants should ensure that the application form and fees, all plans and supporting documentation are submitted at the time of lodging an application. If an application is incomplete then it is not valid and accordingly might not be processed until all the required information has been submitted.

Validity Period of Permit

A permit authority may set any validity period for a permit. This is usually done at the request of the applicant. Where the permit authority does not set a validity period, the default is two years. If a project takes longer than expected, an application to extend the permit (BA22) can be submitted to the relevant permit authority.


A permit authority may impose, add, vary or revoke conditions on a building permit. Any conditions must relate to the particular building work rather than to work of that kind generally. Importantly those conditions cannot modify the Certificate of Design Compliance or the plans and specifications that are specified in that certificate.

Applicants may apply to the State Administrative Tribunal for a review of the decision of the permit authority in relation to a condition imposed on the grant of a building permit.

Variations or Amendments During Construction

During construction some circumstances may arise that require changes or variations to the plans and specifications. Some minor changes may not require any amendment to the plans and specifications. Other changes or variations may require a certificate of design compliance if the changes affect compliance with the building standards. Accordingly a new building permit may be required to reflect those changes. The new building permit may cover the changes only and the previous building permit still covers the other works.

However where there are substantial changes or variations to the design or construction of the building or incidental structure, a new building permit for all the works may be warranted. This ensures that an accurate building record is maintained for that building or incidental structure.

If you have any further enquiries regarding lodging a building application, please contact the Shire of 9671 2500.