Wongan Hills became an Astrotourism Town in August 2018. The Shire is proud to be working with Astrotourism WA to do our part in sharing our welcoming dark sky places where the stargazing is spectacular, protecting WA country towns  from light pollution, and growing this sector by creating events and activities.  

Low levels of artificial light in Wongan Hills and through the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu make for excellent destinations for stargazing and a variety of surrounding landscapes are an astrophotographer’s dream.

“Western Australia’s night sky is an asset worth protecting. Communities around WA are working to keep the night sky as dark as possible by reducing light pollution. While we’re protecting our night sky, we’re inviting visitors from around the world to share its beauty. At the same time, we’re growing our understanding of how stargazing brings people together.” - Astrotourism WA Founder, Carol Redford

Stargazing Drive Trails make for the perfect weekend camping activity. Visit the below link to see trails in our area.

Golden Country Stars 

Both Wongan Hills Airport and Lake Ninan are hotspots for stargazing within the Wongan Hills area. We encourage you to bring your telescope, binoculars and a blanket and rug up under the stars in our beautiful Astrotourism Town. 

Visit Astrotourism WA for more information.

Have you snapped any incredible stargazing pictures whilst in our region? Email to be featured on our website.  


Photographs by Paul Goh - Lake Ninan