Printing and Secretarial Services

Here at the CRC we offer many secretarial services including printing, laminating, faxing/scanning, binding, typing, desktop publishing and exam supervision.

We can print from A4 which starts at 45c per page up to A0 which is $31.50 per page. We can laminate up to A3, an A4 page is $3.15 and an A3 is $4.20. Faxing and scanning is $3.15.

If printing or faxing government documents this is free.

We are able to bind A4 booklets, this is $5.25 per book and includes a black cover on the back and clear plastic cover on the front.

We can type your documents for you for $15.75 per page.

Desktop publishing is available for $11.80 per 15 minute block.

Lastly, we can supervise your exam for $45.15 per hour.

For any other price queries please contact the CRC and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.