Staff Organisational Structure

The Council's principal role is to develop and enforce policies that ensure good governance of the district.

Once these policies have been set (and obviously adjusted from time to time) it is the responsibility of the staff of the Shire, through the office of the Chief Executive Officer, to implement these policies.

Council's Executive Management structure is defined according to the following:


Council's Organisation structure is defined according to the following:


Staff and their respective roles and responsibilities are as follows:

Executive Staff

Position Name Contact Photo
Chief Executive Officer

Sam Dolzadelli

0428 322 123
Principle Responsibilities: Corporate Management, Governance, Human Resources.
Deputy Chief Executive Officer


Principle Responsibilities: Annual Budget & Budget Review, Annual Financial Report, Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Audit, Rates, Payroll, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Information & Communications Technology, Customer Service, Insurance, Fire Control, Emergency Management, Ranger Services, Records, Freedom of Information.
Manager Works & Services Stephen Casey

0438 648 303

Principle ResponsibilitiesMechanical Services, Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Footpaths, Regional Road Group, Asset Management, Parks & Gardens, Dams & Water Supply, Cemetery, Sports Grounds, Noxious Weeds, Standpipes, Fleet Management, Heritage Trails, Information Bays, Street Signs, Aerodromes.

Manager Community Services

(based at Community Resource Centre)

Ross Rayson

0407 065 339

Principle Responsibilities: Community Resource Centre, Grant Advice & Assistance, Media, Community Development, Economic Development, Tourism, Cultural Development, Arts & Culture.
Manager Regulatory Services Melissa Marcon 0427 711 363
Ms Melissa Marcon
Principle Responsibilities: Building Management, Aquatic Centre, Waste Management Site, Health Services, Building Registrations/Licences, Town Planning, Statutory Compliance – Other, Occupational Health & Safety, Building Maintenance, New Building Construction, Cemeteries.

Administration Staff

Position Name Contact Photo
Executive Assistant and Governance Officer Tan Evans

Customer Service Officer 

Human Resources & Payroll

Kristie Frearson

Works Administration Officer


Customer Service Officer (Finance)

Rachael Waters

Customer Service Officer (Admin)

Hayley Jones

Regulatory Administration Support

Melissa Whyte

Finance Officer

Danica Mullins

Business Trainee

Milayna Giedraitis

Swimming Pool Manager Vikki Thomas

(08) 9671 2545

Ranger Contracted - Sam

0474 779 374 

Community Resource Centre Staff​

Position Name Contact Photo

Marketing, Communications and Events Officer

Kim Walsh
Librarian Lyn Hood 
Customer Service Officer Dulcie Ryder

Customer Service Officer

Natalie Godfrey

Student Support & Engagement Officer - Lumen Wheatbelt University Hub

Esther Mepham

External Staff​​

Annie London Cleaner 
Kathleen (Midge) Chambers Cleaner
Clint Pascoe Maintenance Officer
Parks and Gardens
Chris Beeson Parks and Gardens Team Leader
Gena Egerton-Warburton Parks and Gardens
Nicholas Broad Parks and Gardens
Kim Thornton Works Supervisor
Christopher Wilding Mechanical Services Coordinator
Stephen Stickland Plant Operator 
Jeff Wiggins Plant Operator
Robert Smith Plant Operator
Rodger Clark Plant Operator
Roger Duyster Plant Operator
Ron Yeats Plant Operator
David Bentley  Plant Operator
Luke Stickland Plant Operator
Paul Rosser Plant Operator
Clair Rosser Plant Operator
Stephen Taylor Plant Operator