Mocardy Dam Pipeline Project

The Mocardy Dam project is a partnership between the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu and the Wongan Hills District High School Parents & Citizens Association that will utilise water from the Shire leased  Mocardy Dam to improve and ensure continuous water supply for non-potable uses.


This wonderful project will involve pumping water from Mocardy Dam to tanks at the Wongan Hills Airport. From here, one tank will trickle feed water to Railway Dam, and one will gravity feed water to a new tank at WHDHS. New guttering and tanks at the School will harvest rainwater into more tanks for flushing toilets and irrigation. This has the potential to save WHDHS over $70,000 per year in water costs.

Mocardy Dam is an unused, valuable asset, and the idea of using the rainwater in Mocardy Dam was not a new one, and had been ‘floating’ in the Shire’s Strategic Plan for a number of years. However, without access to a funding source to allow the realisation of this project and all its potential benefits, it remained in the planning stage. In 2016, the State Government opened the Watering WA Towns funding round, and the Shire moved to make an application, in collaboration with co-contributors the Education Department and WHDHS.  

WHDHS designed a project that incorporated partnership with the Shire to access the water from Mocardy Dam as well as a plan to harvest stormwater for irrigation and to service the school toilets.

The Shire’s portion of the project plan involves using Mocardy Dam’s capacity to enhance current facilities such as sporting ovals, community gardens, as well as providing firefighting and emergency supplies. 

The project will deliver four key objectives:

  1. Improving the water supply efficiency and safeguarding the town against bushfires by using local water resources
  2. Minimising the use of potable water sources for non-potable water uses
  3. Strengthening Wongan Hills’ watering capabilities and working towards a more sustainable future
  4. Reducing WHDHS’ reliance on scheme water, which will increase the available greenspace for the students, and significantly reduce the utility costs to the school


In early 2017, we were thrilled to be notified that we had been successful in securing a $522,972 Watering WA Towns grant from the State Government towards the total project cost of $747,462. The Education Department of WA will contribute $100,000; the WHDHS P & C and School Council will contribute $5,600 in-kind and the Shire will contribute $118,854 in cash and in-kind.

The Latest Update  

Stage One - Complete: Installation of new tanks, guttering and stormwater drainage and pumps complete at WHDHS.

Stage Two: Nearly completion, storage tanks placed at the Airport, the pipeline laid from these tanks to the School, the pipeline from Mocardy Dam to the Airport,

Stage Three: Pipeline from Airport to School 

Stage Four: Pipeline from the School to Railway Dam.

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