RATES 2016-2017
Issue Date Monday 15 August 2016
Discount Due Date Monday 5 September 2016
Due Date Monday 19 September 2016
2nd Instalment Due Friday 18 November 2016
3rd Instalment Due Tuesday 17 January 2017
4th Instalment Due Monday 20 March 2017


  • Payment by mail (cheque or money order only)
  • In person at Council Administration Office (credit card*, cheque or cash accepted) *( a 1.5% Credit Card surcharge applies to credit card payments)
  • Pay by Telephone banking
  • Pay via Internet banking



Rates are Council’s basic source of income and help pay for the many necessary services and facilities provided by the Shire. These include the paths you walk or ride along every day and the playgrounds and barbecue areas available for you and your families to use. Your Council supports varied lifestyles which we all appreciate in Wongan-Ballidu.

But it is not only ratepayers who fund the Shire’s projects and activities. Council aims to keep rates as reasonable as possible by raising around three quarters of its income from investments, fees and charges and Federal and State Government grants.

Emergency Services Levy (ESL)

The Emergency Services Levy (ESL) appearing on your rates notice is an important contribution to assist fire fighters both in an employed and volunteer capacity, for Fire and Rescue Services, Bush Fire Brigade and the State Emergency Service. This is not a Council charge, but is collected by local governments on behalf of the State Government.

If you have any enquiries relating to the levy, please contact the Department of Fire and Emergency Services on 1300 136 099 or access their website at www.dfes.wa.gov.au.

How Council Calculates Rates

Land value is an important basis of the rating system. The WA Valuer General’s Office independently values your land and Council uses these values to structure rate payments. The amount of rates paid on individual properties will vary according to the Gross Rental set by the Valuer General’s Office.

Revenue collected from property rates represents approximately 32% of Council’s revenue. The amount to be collected from rates is the balance of Council’s expenditure requirement, less other revenues from fees, charges, grants, borrowings and transfers.

After determining this expenditure requirement, Council decides the Shire’s rate income by setting a rate in the dollar to be levied against all properties, based on recommendations from the Valuer General.


Minimum Rates

Council is permitted to set differentiating minimum rates so all properties make a reasonable contribution regardless of high or low property values. Commercial and industrial properties make a higher contribution partly due to the high standard of infrastructure provided and maintained by Council resulting from the higher volumes of people and vehicular traffic.

Rural/Special Rural/Business (Residential - Improved)

The Residential rate is Council’s standard base rate against which other rates are measured. This is raised at the level required to raise the necessary revenue for Council to operate efficiently and provide a diverse range of services.


This is levied on mining tenements owned by the Crown and leased for mining purposes within the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu boundary. The purpose of this rate is to ensure that lessees contribute to the operating costs of the Shire facilities and infrastructure.


Various payment options are outlined on your Rates Notice.

If you are having difficulties paying, it is essential to contact Council prior to the final due date for payment.  

Council must agree upon any alternative payment plan, which may be subject to an administration charge being applied.

Legal action for recovery may be taken against those ratepayers who do not meet payment obligations and undertakings.

Officers will be pleased to assist you and can be contacted by calling (08) 9671 1011.


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