Shire of Wongan - Wongan Hills, Ballidu, Cadoux, Kondut and Burakin, Western Australia, Wheatbelt, Regional Western Australia Community

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Welcome to the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu

The Shire is located in the centre of the Western Australian Wheatbelt and covers an area of 3,368 square kilometres. The localities within the Shire are Ballidu, East Ballidu, West Ballidu, Burakin, Cadoux, Kondut, Lake Hinds, Lake Ninan, Mocardy and Wongan Hills. The Shire consists of undulating land with various soil types and granite outcrops.

Surveyor General John Septimus Roe discovered the district in 1836, seven years after the founding of the Swan River colony. The Wongan Hills name originates from the Aboriginal name 'Wongan Katta', which translates to 'Talking Hills', referring to the wind whispering through the hills.

The region offers all the services of a city area while residents can enjoy the advantages of country living including clean air, lack of traffic, low crime and vandalism and a caring community. The community is well serviced with sporting facilities and well-presented, clean streets. Indeed the Wongan Hills townsite offers one of the most livable communities in regional Western Australia. The service industries in the area provide high quality, reasonably priced services and are backed up by competent peripheral industries.  Including a hospital, medical centre, dentist and pharmacist.

The Strengths of the region include:

  • the fact that the whole of shire has not been declared drought affected in its entire history
  • the relative reliability, financial strength and business diversity of the area
  • quality of life including lawfulness and geographical advantages
  • reasonable access to city
  • the potential for diversification of the industry base
  • stability and quality of the agricultural industry and agricultural products of the region
  • quality health and medical facilities including a hospital, medical centre, dentist and pharmacist



Wongan Hills Tip is open Thursday - Sunday between the hours of 8.30am - 4.30pm


 The Shire of Wongan- Ballidu offers a unique country lifestyle with all the benefits and services of a major city location. Wongan Hills is in the unique position of being a country town with not just one, but two banks operating, which is an indication of the progress and pro-activity alive in the area.

 Major leading companies in Agriculture choose to base their headquarters in Wongan Hills due to its location, services and facilities. Names such as Jolly & Sons (John Deere), McIntosh & Son (Ford-New Holland), Boekeman Machinery (Case I ), Aussie Ag, , Elders, and more, line our streets.

 We are moving in exciting times with progress evident through both Shire and Community activity. Opportunity for potential businesses, service providers and new residents is ever present with a Community Resource Centre and a Community Agricultural Centre at hand for support.

 Excerpt from A Swift Century by Anne Rogers

 “Praise for Wongan Hills has appeared in various publications.  The West Australian wrote ‘Wongan Hills is on the most progressive self help towns in the State’; The Countryman, ‘Wongan Hills is a town really on the move’ the Central Districts Herald-Tribune, ‘The “town on the move” tag has been applied to many towns in WA recently, but per head of population, few deserve it as does Wongan Hills’. In 1977 the Elders Weekly quoted JB Ackland, ‘it can be boiled down to a broad minded, benevolent Council that will look at things and be prepared to change if necessary… cooperation is the backbone of the community’.  Years later the same magazine enthused, ‘It is a remarkable shire….. there is mutual willingness for all to join together in projects which are for the good of the community’.


Community Profile
12 Jul 2007
2013-2014 Annual Report
18 Dec 2104
Strategic Community Plan
Local Emergency Management Plan
Town Planning Scheme No 5.
22 Oct 2015


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