The Department of Social Services Emergency Relief provides immediate financial or material aid to eligible people. This may constitute food parcels, clothes or vouchers (for example for supermarket, utilities or petrol).

Client eligibility to receive services funded under the DSS Emergency Relief is restricted solely to people unable to pay their bills or at imminent risk of not being able to do so.

 Emergency Relief aims and objectives include:

  • assisting people to deal with their immediate crisis situation;
  • delivering services in a way that maintains the dignity of the individual and families;
  • referring people to other relevant services, to help them pay bills or reduce the risk of being unable to pay their bills; and
  • encouraging greater self-reliance.

There may be support available either directly or remotely to eligible people in your local government area. To locate a provider please visit  or the Department of Social Services Grants Service Directory

In addition to Emergency Relief, DSS also funds Commonwealth Financial Counselling and Financial Capability Activities.  The objectives of these Activities is to support eligible individuals and families to navigate financial crises, build financial wellbeing, financial capability, and resilience. Financial Wellbeing and Capability services provide support to vulnerable people and those most at risk of financial and social exclusion and disadvantage.


The facilitators of this portal recognise that many professionals who work in a nurturing environment particularly, often put their own needs on hold.  It is hoped this portal will assist you in prioritising your self-care and maintain positive wellbeing. The team also acknowledge that living and working in a small community and cross culturally can create additional stressors.   This interactive  portal has been designed to assist you find resources that enhance your wellbeing and self-care without the need to search numerous websites or emails looking for that ‘little gem’ that could make you day better.   There is also opportunity to link with others within your own community, profession or anyone else.

Click here to discover your one stop shop for self-care and wellbeing resources.


The Morrison Government has invested an additional $3.1 million to expand mental health and wellbeing services available through the Ahead for Business initiative to ensure small business owners and their staff can access support and resources.

Hosted by mental health organisation Everymind, the digital hub offers small and family businesses resources including articles, videos, podcasts and toolkits.

Everymind Acting Director, Associate Professor Carmel Loughland said the Institute was proud to launch the new Ahead for Business digital hub.

 “The Ahead for Business digital hub is part of a national strategy designed to support small business owners in every setting and empower them to prioritise their mental health and wellbeing. A healthy mind supports a healthy business,” Associate Professor Loughland said.  “We want to encourage our small business community to prioritise their mental health and through tailored resources and check-ups the Ahead for Business digital hub will empower those working in small businesses to achieve this.”

 Users of Ahead for Business will also be able to access anonymous peer-to-peer forums and an online wellbeing plan is among the range of supports available.

 For more information on Ahead for Business visit: