Bushfire Preparedness 

Sadly, history has shown us that bushfires are a very real risk in and around regional WA. 

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) has developed a suite of new bushfire planning and preparation tools, consisting of 5 minute Fire Chat, and supported by Your Bushfire Preparation Toolkit, which are two simple steps aimed at helping residents to be better prepared for bushfire.

The 5 minute Fire Chat asks people living in a bushfire risk area to have a fire chat to discuss three key questions with family and friends or to discuss with their neighbours if they live alone:

  • When will you know to leave?
  • Where will you go?
  • Which way will you go?

Even if this is all you do, you will be more prepared than doing nothing. This approach is easy for everyone to achieve.

After you have answered the three questions above, you are then directed to take the next step, which is to seek out your Bushfire Preparation Toolkit.  The Toolkit is available in hard copy from DFES but can also be downloaded at www.dfes.wa.gov.au/firechatFact Sheets with further bushfire preparedness information can also be found on the website. 

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