Prescribed Burning for Wongan Hills

Published on Monday, 7 October 2019 at 3:43:54 PM

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services will carry out a prescribed burn this Thursday 10 October 2019 in the area surrounding Wongan Hills Hospital (see map below).  These burns, necessary to protect both lives, properties and essential community assets including the hospital and aged care facility will be carried out from 4pm onwards (depending on weather conditions).  Emergency Services personnel will be on site during this time.  

Community members are advised:

  • Smoke may be visible; and
  • Smoke may reduce visibility on certain roads.  Motorists should take care, turn on headlights and travel at appropriate speeds through these areas.

If smoke affects you:

  • It is recommended you shut doors and windows with air-conditioners turned off;
  • Residents suffering with asthma or any pre-existing respiratory and/or cardiovascular illness should follow a pre-prepared treatment plan; and
  • Residents with conditions exacerbated by smoke should take precautions in accordance with medical advice.

Remember always:

  • Follow directions from Emergency Services personnel on site;
  • DO NOT enter the area during burning operations;
  • Stay away from the area following the burn as hot ash may be present and you may be in danger from falling limbs or branches.

For further information, access the DFES Website - Controlled Burning information page here or contact the Department's Northam District Office on (08) 9690 2300.

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