New Guidelines for Operating Private Fire Equipment

Published on Wednesday, 2 June 2021 at 11:24:18 AM

It is common practice within Western Australia for community members to attend fires with their own equipment in order to protect their property and the property of others. The Bush Fires Act of 1954 requires landowners to take all possible measures at their own expense to extinguish fires. The Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades that support our community today found their beginnings through these practices.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) in collaboration with the Shire and our Volunteer Fire Brigades work closely to support the community by carefully informing and managing our fire preparedness and response. A key function of DFES in supporting our community using private fire fighting equipment is to recommend a series of guidelines and guiding principles. These guidelines are available through printed publication and online via the DFES Website.

The Shire's Bushfire Advisory Committee recommended that from October 2021 volunteers bringing fire-fighting equipped trailers onto the fire ground during a fire emergency no longer be permitted to use this type of appliance on the fire ground. Experience has shown that these trailers can pose a risk to volunteer safety on properties that have been deep ripped or in bushland, as they are difficult to reverse out of areas if needed. The Committee recommended to Council that water tankers only be used for water transfer to other appliances fighting the active fire.

This item was considered by Council at the February 2021 meeting and Council agreed with the Committee’s recommendation and from October 2021, fire-fighting equipped trailers will no longer be allowed on the active fire ground.

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