Community and Stakeholder Engagement Policy: Public Consultation 

Local governments are required to make difficult decisions on complex matters that often have a great impact on the communities they represent.  

When making these decisions, we must consider how to best balance many needs including technical constraints, legislative requirements and financial implications. Additional to this is the need to represent the competing priorities of impacted stakeholders in the community and ensure the diversity of needs, aspirations and views are considered as part of the decisionmaking process. 

The Shire of Wongan-Ballidu recognises that community expectations of engagement and participation in decision-making have changed. We recognise that the way engage with our community and when we engage our community is important and can be done differently.


At the Ordinary Council Meeting of 23 April 2020, Council adopted the draft of the Community and Stakeholder Engagement Policy, and endorsed it for public consultation and comment for the three-week consultation period of Friday 24 April 2020 to Friday 15 May 2020. 


Thankyou to all our community members that took the opportunity to let us know their thoughts.   Survey results can be viewed or downloaded here.


Click Here to Read the DRAFT Community and Stakeholder Engagement Policy

Click Here to Read the Agenda Item Requesting Endorsement of this Public Consultation


All feedback will be compiled and presented to Council for consideration. Any necessary amendments will be made, and the Policy will be presented to Council for adoption at the May or June 2020 Ordinary Meeting of Council. The finalised policy will be included on the Council Agenda which is released to the public preceding the Council meeting. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the process.