Our existing Shire logo has served us well for many years and has effectively demonstrated the significant role of agriculture in our economic growth and stability.

In recent years, several local Councils have realised the value of updating their brand identity with a fresh look and feel. Re-branding is not simply about changing a logo and choosing a few new colours for brochures, our website and corporate stationery. If done well, a new brand identity can re-energise our community and spark new interest in the Shire as a location, it clarifies and re-enforces community values and highlights the unique attractions of our area.  We want to make sure the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu continues to be a great place to work, live and raise a family. We want investors to see the Shire as a feasible option. We want our brand to reflect our wonderful community and the values that make us strong and resilient. We also want to highlight the wonderful natural attractions that enhance our surroundings, encouraging both tourism and economic growth. 

We recognise that the Shire brand is about community as a whole and, as such, your input in the process played a valuable part in decisions around the new logo and branding for the Shire.  We are pleased to advise that a new logo has been adopted by Council.  The clear favourite from the final two logos proposed was a slightly more modern take on a traditional round logo. We have received a lot of feedback from community members who really like the idea of including all of our locales within the logo, reminding us that we are one community within the Shire.  Thank you to all community members who participated in the proposal and provided valuable feedback to inform our final selection.