Ranger Services

When needed, the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu employs the services of Gloria Robinson of Rural Ranger Services on a contractual basis.

For the services of a Ranger please contact the Shire Office on 9671 2500 during office hours or for urgent issues outside of office hours Gloria can be contacted on 0408 909 356. 

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Information for Pet Owners

The following pages provide information on the registration and responsible ownership of pets within the Shire.

Responsible Cat Ownership and Registration

Responsible Cat Ownership:  Breeders Checklist

Responsible Dog Ownership and Registration


Livestock wandering create a hazard for road users and a nuisance for neighbours. Rangers can impound wandering stock and issue on the spot fines if they are found to be in public areas. Livestock owners are encouraged to check their fencing to ensure their animals do not escape.